How to Earn MONEY With Blogspot


Since all of us now know What is Google so I am not going to waste your time in the definition of Google.

But do you know that you can earn a sufficient amount of Money using Google services?

Earn money from Blogspot

Today I am going to tell you one of the services Google provides that help you to make financially independent.

Blogspot- It is a domain name blog. Blogger is a website that is owned by Google LLC where you can create your own blog for free.

This free blog contains the Blogspot domain and you can add custom domain also eg. .com, .in, .org, etc but for the custom domain, you have to pay money.

But in this post, we are talking about How to earn money from Blogspot so we will only talk about the Blogspot domain and its pros and cons.

So let’s get started without wasting your time.

How to create your Blogspot account using your Google account?

Below is some easiest step which you can follow to start your earning absolutely free:

  1. Go to any browser and type click on google apps option on the top right of your Google profile.

  1. You will see the option Blogger, click on it.
How to Earn MONEY With Blogspot

  1. Now click on the Create Blog option on the left top of the webpage and after this processor, you see an option. Create a new blog and below it, you have to set Titles of your blog along with your Blogspot URL

  1. After setting up all this. You will see an option on the bottom right of your web screen in the form of + sing.

How to Earn MONEY With Google

  1. Now you all set up and you have to create a unique post in your blog and you are going to earn money.

How you earn money through creating a post?

It is very necessary to understand how would you able to make money just writing an article. So let me explain that it not easy as well as not so hard to start earning money using this money.

You have to create or write a unique post here unique means topic which is less on google search engine and also a non-copied content. Uniqueness is not about writing a no plag content.

As you are going to earn money by showing ads to your blog post. There are lots of ads serving sites like, PropellerAds. Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Adversal, adsterra, dance, and many others.

All have their own program and policy which you must have to follow to get approval and you only earn when you will show ads as these sites give you payments.

Among all of this absence which is provided by Google is one of the best and popular among all the ads serving sites


Hope, I have mentioned all the important instruction in the above article but however, if you have any other doubts related to this topic then leave a comment in the comment box.

It must take time to earn money through this process but it is free and better than writing content for others.

If you have any queries related to Adsense approval then let me know in the comment box.

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