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Hello friends, welcome to my Bloggerhelp.xyz blog.

Hello, I am Mr. Parimal Mahata. I am a junior website developer. I would be grateful if you could help me through this blog. I have created many blogs myself. And could not succeed in that. Failing like this, I have passed today. I have made many mistakes in creating the blog, I have solved it again. In this way, as much as I have learned, I have presented it to you.

You can make your blog professional through this blog of mine. You will also find an easy way to write a complete article, to solve various difficult problems of Blogger, to do SEO of the blog, to rank the blog, to get the approval of AdSense, to create image SEO, ads.
In a word, if I have this blog with you, you will not need anyone else's help. Everything that is shown in it is applied to my blog. I have shown you the way I have created my blog.

This is my dedication so that you do not make all these small mistakes. Otherwise, you can also leave the blog. If you want to be successful follow my blog, howtosolv.in

  • ⚠️At first, I said I was a junior developer, So read and verify the posts then use. Apply to a demo site to verify Or be sure to back up before editing the theme.

If after seeing all my posts you think you are not getting your topic, please contact me with the mail below.

my mail id is - kmahata309@gmail.com

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